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Toxins 9 - 05 - 2002

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Toxins Hello again, As promised, here we are faithful to our rendezvous. We trust you all had a good week. As discussed last week, let's look at why we need to detoxify. Everybody is a walking time bomb. Each person carries within him the seeds for disease and illness. These seeds are the environmental and dietary toxins that may be stored within the body and which spring full force into a debilitating disease. What are some of these toxins and where do they come from? How can we get rid of them. What symptoms can we expect when we they start to leave the body? Surprisingly enough, one of the largest sources of body toxins is the drug people take to fight the disease. Medicinal drugs are very strong- they have to be to overcome the body's natural defense system. When such drugs are taken, they must either be eliminated from the body or stored within it for later elimination. As a persons health improves and all such medicines and drugs are discontinued, the old toxins may enter the bloodstream for elimination. The circulation of these old drug toxins in the system may produce bewildering symptoms that could alarm the health seeker. Every drug used, whether legal or illegal, leaves its mark upon the body. Old drugs that were taken even many years ago may reappear in the bloodstream as they leave fatty tissues and the organs. Drug toxin elimination may express itself in a series of rashes as they leave the body through the skin. NICOTENE & CAFFEINE Heavy smokers or coffee drinkers may experience similar symptoms when they withdraw from their drug. Nervous irritability and emotional outbreaks are common reactions. Nicotine and caffeine damage the nervous system and upset the vascular system, so symptoms such as headaches, edginess, and extreme lassitude may be expected. Such symptoms from these drugs usually lessen after 3 to 10 days. SALT & OTHER CONDIMENTS Once salt use is stopped and the health improves, old salt deposits in the body exit through the skin and kidneys. Sometimes the elimination is so intense that the person may have a continual salty taste in the mouth for days. The skin may become crusted with salt or it may smell of the particular condiment that is being eliminated (such as onion, pepper or vinegar) Salt elimination may also cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. People who go on salt-free diets may actually experience a slight increase in their blood pressure as the heavy elimination of salt begins. Later the blood pressure renormalizes itself and eventually becomes below the norm on a salt-free diet. White sugar withdrawal Eliminating sugar from the diet may make a person feel slightly nervous and hyperactive until the energy levels adjust to a sugar-free diet. Mood changes, however, are usually more noticeable than any physical symptoms when sugar is eliminated. Reformed sugar addicts may feel periods of unaccountable depression as their blood sugar level tries to right itself. Getting off the sugar roller coaster, with its rapit rises and falls in blood sugar levels, is easier when a diet high in raw foods is followed. Such a diet renormalizes blood sugar levels and promotes tranquility of emotions. This is enough food for thought for this week. More of the same, next Thursday. Stay well,

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