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There are no cures 01 - 10 - 2003

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There are no cures Warm greetings, Today’s topic is entitled "THERE ARE NO CURES" it is a short article compiled from a lesson taken from the "Life Science" course book No 5 and was written by Susan Hazard. I would call this article "food for thought". Enjoy! "Many of the methods of treatment that were often prescribed by physicians during the 19th century and before are today considered useless and life threatening. But the physicians during that time persisted in such practices as bleeding, blistering, purging, and the use of heavy metal, especially mercury, because they witnessed that, in some patients, symptoms would disappear. This, however, was an illusion. Symptoms were suppressed but there was no recovery of health. Indeed, many people died because of the treatment but the physicians did not recognise that the "cure" itself was the direct cause of death. Since that time, there has been a constant search for that elusive "cure". Harmful results occur when people become so convinced that these "cures" will restore health that they rely upon this illusion instead of looking to their modes of living as the real cause of their ill health. We must, therefore, strive to become more independent thinkers. We must begin to question "cures" and seek the truth by seeing things from a different perspective. If a certain drug is found particularly harmful and taken off the market, we are told that we should not doubt the effectiveness of all of these agents. However, we should not follow ourselves to be deceived by them. One may feel better for a while after taking one of these symptom-suppressing agents, but our so-called "cure" is a deception. The "cure" will not last. By seeking the truth, we will be lead to the true cause of disease and from this we may know how to regain our health. Any violation against physiological law always results in sickness. This would include any failure to meet sleep requirements, proper food, air, water, sunshine, exercise, or other needs. The body’s ability to adapt is remarkable but freedom from symptoms is a delusion when it is produced by drugs in contravention of physiological functions. Under such circumstances, the body will inevitably become exhausted and more chronic illness will ensue. One should keep in mind that there are no "cures". There is no diet, no herb, no massage therapy that will resolve health if the underlying cause of sickness is not removed. Health will result only from healthful living." Next week we will have a very controversial look at contagion and epidemics, the "Natural Science" way. Have a sunshine week, Elise

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