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Skin Toxins 26 - 03 - 2003

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Skin Toxins Greeting from all of us at The Crazy Nut, We hope that you are enjoying all those articles on the skin. We find it absolutely fascinating and without further ado lets learn about the elimination of toxins from the skin. The elimination of a certain kind and amount of toxic wastes is one of the important nutritive functions of the skin. We are constantly surrounded by an invisible vapor consisting of toxic gases and water. We literally walk in an invisible cloud. Because our eyes cannot see this invisible poisonous cloud, most of us are totally unaware of the fact that every day our skin, as part of the body's total nutritional process, pours off as much as 1 and even more of water and that this water contains many irritating contaminants in solution. Exposure of the body to moving currents of air encourages the cleansing effort as does providing passageways for exodus of gaseous wastes, as is done by porous weaves. If we obstruct the free-flow of effete matter from the skin in any way, we cause the sewer lines of the body to become clogged with poisons backing up into the main channels. To understand just how poisonous this discharged matter can be, all we have to do is to remind ourselves of what happens when the skin passageways are blocked. We have all read or heard of persons who have painted their bodies to produce a dramatic cosmetic effect. Death as often resulted within a matter of a few hours, death being directly attributed to a reverse flow of body poisons, which were forced back because the way out was obstructed. Another important function of the skin is to harness the sun's energy and to manufacture vitamin D. The skin with its oils in the presence of sunshine, can synthesize this vitamin in several forms witch can then be absorbed into the body where it can help to maintain calcium balance. Physicians in ancient times used to maintain that sunshine was the best medicine in the world. We know that the sun's rays have germicidal power and tend to keep the pathogenic bacteria, which may reside on the surface of the skin within reasonable numbers. When the entire body is well nourished, the skin will reflect this health but it can suffer, of course, from too much sun exposure. The skin has a natural barrier against over absorption of the ultraviolet rays that produce tanning Consistent and correct exposure to the sun's rays is a vital part of the nutrition of the skin and without it no skin can be said to be fully healthy. Next week we will focus on other functions of the skin Until then we wish you wellness. The Crazy Nut team. P.S. If you have missed any of the previous articles and would like to read them, please visit our archives at

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