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Reasons for a "bad day" 25 - 04 - 2002

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Reasons for a "bad" Hi, Yes, another full week has gone by and here we are again. Hope you all had a good week! Let's see why we still get bad day in spite of having improved our diet and are getting well. Our bodies want to survive forever; it wants to be free from all pain and illness; it actively desires complete healing to take place within it at all times. Our body is our friend and partner in our effort to regain health. The body has the innate capacity, wisdom and knowledge to heal itself at any time- if it is allowed to do so. The body possesses its own healing ability and the wisdom to direct this ability. The only thing we must do is to let the body conduct its work with as little interference as possible. We can furnish it with the highest quality food when it needs it or withhold food when it does not desire it. We can exercise and rest the body, and give it fresh air and sunshine. Other than that, all we can do is wait and not become alarmed by the symptoms of its healing or try to suppress those symptoms. The body will not try to kill itself, nor will it allow healing to progress in such a manner as to cause us serious discomfort. But the body is wise enough to want to accelerate the healing process as rapidly as possible. This may involve major cleansing efforts when stacks of old stored toxins are dumped into the system to be eliminated. If we have faith and trust in our body's ability to heal itself, the unpleasant symptoms wich may accompany this healing become more bearable and are not a source of fear or misgiving. Ultimately, we must let our body perform its health-restoring work at its own pace. We must believe that the body alone is capable of performing all the needed healing functions. The human body has perfected itself over millions of years and through thousands of generations. It is the perfect healing system. The cellular intelligence that drives the body is infinite in its capacity. We need not have any fears about its wisdom or ability to restore Itself to the highest possible level of health and well-being. Unless illnesses and disease propagate to a dramatic climax, many people are unaware that anything is wrong with the body. Modern man has become desensitized and removed from his own body. A lack of body awareness accompanies a sickened condition. In fact, it is this absence of consciousness that permits the body to degenerate. If a person is attuned to his bodys needs, he becomes aware when something is going wrong and he can fast, change his diet etc... Increasing good health also increases our awareness of the body. As the major pains and aches disappear, we become more sensitive to all the body's needs. The minor irritations that were not noticed previously may now enter our awareness. This new sensitivity to minor pains that may have plagued us for years, but were unaware of, is a blessing. Now our body can tell us what it needs, what to avoid, and what habits to discontinue. Body awareness is one of the first gifts of health. This new feeling should not be mistaken for morbid sensitivity. It is our guardian angel that will guide us past the pitfalls of poor foods, unhealthy practices, and other life destroying habits. Next week we will illustrate the above with a typical case history Until then, stay well and comfortable! The Crazy Nut team

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