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Outer Manifestation of Inner Toxicity 22 - 05 - 2003

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Outer Manifestation of Inner Toxicity Nutty Greetings, Did you also up your fruit and vegetable intake after last weeks article? Today we will take a closer look at diseases of the skin and outer manifestations of inner toxicity. The skin is always talking and revealing. It can reveal to a competent observer just how well the body is getting along, whether the pathways are clogged with litter or whether the fluids, especially the blood, flows free and clean. When the skin looks like fine pinkish porcelain, it shouts to the world that the body is radiantly alive. But, when it is dull, pale, or yellow in hue or when it has enlarged pores or an abnormally deep flush and pimpled surface, is wrinkled, or has that deadly grey look, then it tells an unhappy story. Such a countenance reveals a pathetically encumbered inner world, the pathways and byways of which have become obstructed, saturated, the blood thick with debris; debris that is silently and steadily burning and irritating, working to destroy the tissues of the body. It tells of metabolic avenues and cell factories filled with garbage and of millions of enzymes floundering helplessly in the face of so much toxic wastes. The cause? Systemic malnourishment - inner toxicity. Some external signs of inner toxicity are: 1. Excessive paleness which may be indicative of: Anaemia, Dysemia (any abnormal condition of the blood), Leukaemia, Bright's disease, Amyloidal Degeneration (occurs characteristically as pathologic extra cellular deposits beneath the layer of flat cells of capillaries and arterioles. These deposits interfere with normal function and can lead to very serious disorders including infraction of the heart and even cancer) 2. Paleness combined with profuse sweating and strong acid odour: Articular rheumatism, Strong emotional outbursts, uncontrolled anger, fear, jealousy etc..Spasms in the arteries and veins, Fainting spells. 3. Redness of the skin: Capillaries in the face may have a tendency to burst, too much concentration of blood in a particular area, an abnormal state which can make the individual stroke-prone. If frequent headaches are also present, there may be present some congestion in the brain. When combined with swelling and mild scaling visible on the skin, the skin may be photosensitive at this time with a more gradual exposure to develop pigment is advisable. Extreme saturation of tissues and organs with animal protein wastes. 4. Shiny, tight, skin: Due generally to a previous history of high salt intake either in food such as canned vegetables or applied topically to foods. Due, also, to excessive drug taking, both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs are chemical compounds containing sodium, the main ingredient of table salt and the causative agent in most cases of shiny tight skin. Next week we will take a look at the relation of cause to effect. Until then, stay well, and have a fabulous week. From the Crazy Nut Team

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