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Nutrition and the skin III 19 - 02 - 2003

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Nutrition and the skin 3 Warm Greetings, Without further ado, let's carry on with "Nutrition and the skin" It is estimated that every square inch of the human skin is made up of 19,500,000,000 individual cells. This is amazing, but even more amazing is that all of these cells must work together in harmony. They are required to serve in many diverse capacities, all of which influence the functional efficiency and performance of every other cell within the total human economy. We must pause to consider and agree that man is, indeed, "fearfully and wondrously made." Like functioning cells, every cell of which the skin is composed is in and of itself a complete entity, which is prepared to cope with all kinds of emergency situations. It possesses, amongst others, that amazing talent, resident only within the living, of knowing exactly how to heal its own wounds; this, of course, within the realm of possibility. While a totally self-contained unit, it is at one and the same time a contributing member of the total synergistic society of cells, not only those which comprise the skin itself, but also those which make up the body as a whole. Thus, the skin is an integral part of the living person and one, which plays a vital role within the body economy, which is both supportive and functional. Just as the cells of the skin support the internal functions, it is, in itself, supported by that which lies within. It reflects, like a mirror on the wall, the condition of the inner SELF. When the skin is ugly, pimply, coarse, puffy, and gross looking, it is conveying a message of internal disarray. It is telling its owner that that is exactly the way the inner body also looks. The skin, just like the internal organs and parts, is subject to the same rules and regulations that pertain to every other part, whether it be bone, muscle tissue, nerve tissue or other. Food for the skin must first be eaten, then digested, absorbed and transported via the blood and lymph to each individual skin cell just as food which is intended for the brain cells or for those in our big toe! Skin wastes must be eliminated as regularly as other body wastes. The skin is a living part of man and if we wish to have a beautiful skin which will last for a lifetime, then it must be serviced by an inner self which functions as close to perfection as possible. There is no quick magic road to skin beauty, no single or simple solution. Skin problems, such as rashes, itching, bumps, warts or lesions of whatever kind, are, barring accidental injury, the result of errors in eating and living habits, errors which have caused the interior organs and parts to be reduced in their efficiency of performance to the extent that they have not fully performed their duties anywhere within the body economy including the part which we examine most closely, our skin. The danger in looking for quick solutions to multiple problems always results in dashing our hopes and worsening an already worrisome condition. Salves and ointments can only serve, at best, to drive toxins elsewhere within the system either to remain as an encumbrance to total body performance or to add to existing debris. Regardless, in time, the poisons must emerge to the surface or create some havoc within some organ or tissue, thus further accelerating systemic decline. Next week we will take a closer look at the structure of the skin. Wishing you a healthy and productive week, The Crazy Nut Team P.S. If you have missed any of the previous articles and would like to read them, please visit our archives at

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