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Nutrition and the skin II 13 - 02 - 2003

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Nutrition and the skin 2 Good day, As discussed last week, herewith is part 2 of "Nutrition & Skin" In these fast moving times, in this period in our history when constantly changing kaleidoscope of newly gleaned facts and details flood the media of the world about things and chemicals purportedly guaranteed to restore youthful beauty and health to millions, Life Science represents an "anchor in the wind", a beacon of truth to guide the most weary and inspire the more informed. If anything be certain in this world it is that life is change, that tomorrow we will not be as yesterday: that we can either be less productive, less healthy than we are today or that we can take positive, physiologically- and biologically- sound steps to gain something back of what we may have perhaps carelessly tossed aside because we formerly lacked knowledge or perhaps even thought that tomorrow would always be forthcoming in spite of all our shortcomings and errors, known or unknown. Life Scientists, however, know that, within the parameter of the possible, tomorrow, our beauty and our very presence, will depend on the correctness of what we do this day, today. If we are correct in the doing, tomorrow, our being and our beauty, will all be there. The human skin is an amazing organ. Nothing is ever static about it. It is part of the living organism. Throughout, it is a functioning living entity, except for its outermost layer. Just as life itself is evidenced by activity, by change and motion of parts, so the skin is active in the sense that changes are constantly taking place. Often very subtle changes invisible to the naked eye. In fact, even the outermost layer participates in this change because, as dead cells are scuffed or rubbed off, they are rapidly replaced and this dead layer itself becomes a part of the ever-changing, ever dying, and ever rebirthing which is so characteristic of living things. Because the skin lives and is constantly in flux, it is certain that when errors are made in body care and feeding, abnormal changes often exhibit in the skin. Manmade substances are not the answer when abnormality of any kind exists. Only the body possesses the inherent knowledge of what should be done, how it should be accomplished and precisely when. As humans, we know so little about humans! About how we are made and how we function. Much of what is touted as scientific knowledge consists of estimates and guesstimates, not fully established truth. It is a fact that being a living entity, the skin must receive proper nourishment throughout the whole of life and that topical applications are never a long term solution to problems and that they can often prove destructive to health and beauty. Face lifts and injections can provide only temporary illusion of beauty and are unable to stem the tide of degenerative effects, of no adherence to healthful principals of life. Life, being an ongoing kaleidoscope of change, demands total nutrition and care of person, including the skin. True beauty comes only as a response to total life care. To be continued next week, until then, stay well and take care, From the Crazy Nut Team. P.S. If you have missed any of the previous articles and would like to read them, please visit our archives at

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