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Mind Relaxation 24 - 09 - 2003

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Mind Relaxation Hi everyone, How time flies, it feels like yesterday that I sent newsletter No 131! W are still on the subject of relaxation and today we will see what "Life Science" says about the relaxation of the mind. Much stress and tension is in the mind, but as we saw, that does not make it any less "real". The mind can also be relaxed in a manner similar to the body. First of all, mind must be used constructively - "exercised" if you will. Mental laziness breeds anxiety and a lack of self-worth. These feelings lead to stress. If you diligently apply your mind to new tasks and learning, it will be more eager to relax and let go of the petty worries that sometimes occupy the thoughts. Along with working or exercising the mind, you must give it time to relax, wonder, and dream. Daydreaming is not bad at all, if it doesn't interfere with your daily lives. Giving the mind free reign to explore and visualise can do much to dispel the mundane worries that can dominate our thoughts. Listening to fine music, painting, readings inspiring books, and just quietly sitting in contemplation are all excellent mind relaxers. Whichever way is best suited for your temperament, find a way to relax your mind and leave your worries behind for at least a small time every single day. Simply relaxing and "doing nothing" may be hard at first, but you give yourself the schedule time to do it every day, you will eventually look forward eagerly to your "relaxation period" In "Life science" we teach that every effect is the result of foregoing causes. Hence we need to explore causes - causes over which we can exert control and causes, which are beyond our control - in order to improve our mental and emotional condition. Essentially we all seek mental equilibrium, poise, or stability within the context of our respective lives. Within this setting we have certain desires and expectations. Thus we become disturbed and upset when something we expect or want appears to be or is denied to us. Whatever the cause of depression, all are within the province of our control. We can take several steps to fulfil most of the requirements necessary to live our joyous life. Some significant areas in which we can exercise control of our emotional and mental well being are: 1 Our Health regime. We can adopt and closely observe our biological requirements. Though we may be subject to many of the stresses modern society imposes upon us, we will fare better if the basics of life are correct. It is within our province to decide to live healthfully and to pursue it diligently. 2 Our thoughts. We can think constructive thoughts instead of destructive ones. If we harbour animosities or the disapproval of others, we injure our minds. We must psyche ourselves into thoughts that are optimistic and positive in nature, and quash our thoughts that are negative in nature. "As you think, so shall you be" By focusing your thoughts and reflections upon yourself and your relationship with the world, and directing your attention to how you can improve yourself and your interaction with others, you will be laying the foundation for mastering your own destiny and happiness. Should you feel defeated or depressed, despondent or in despair, you can refuse to indulge in those thoughts that perpetrate these mental states. 3 Accept the world as it is. Accept and adapt to changes and look upon them as challenges rather than trying to resist them. We are in rapport with the world, we can take advantage of events and conditions rather than lose out by resisting them. In doing so, we create a positive influence on ourselves and those around us. We must be committed to what we believe but we must be realists and know what we can and cannot do. We must, finally, address ourselves honestly to the limit of our reach. Each personality has its limits - to extend ourselves beyond our capabilities will only lead to self-pressure and our bodies will automatically become stressful. And that mental serenity will escape us. And with those words of wisdom we will conclude the chapter on stress. Until next week, Elise

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