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Irritants 03 - 12 - 2003

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Irritants Greetings to all of you, Today is the last newsletter of 2003. How this year has flown! I would like to conclude the year with an article written by Dr Robert Walter on the subject of irritants. "Out of the principle of irritation grows the most important delusion that ever afflicted mankind. Irritation means increased action of the part irritated, and consequently of all parts sympathetically connected therewith, and increased strength. Tonics, nerviness and stimulants produce their effects only through this principle. It is this way that alcohol and tobacco increase the action of the brain and nervous system; that calomel and podophyllum apparently improve the functions of the liver; that all other drugs produce their effects; that arsenic and strychnine, nitric, muriatic, hydrochloric, prussic, sulphuric acids, etc.. increase the apparent vigour of the whole system, largely through its sympathy with the stomach, which has been termed the great organ of sympathy. For this same reason men often feel more than ordinarily vigorous just previous to a severe attack of sickness: they sometimes retire to bed feeling well, only to wake up in another world. For this reason sudden and violent ailments often follow the most apparently robust health. It is the same delusion that tempts the physician to dose his patient with violent poisons until exhaustion and death close the scene. It is the basis of alcoholic consumption, just as it is the cause of the fearful and monstrous drunkenness, whether by alcohol, opium, or tobacco, which deluges the land. Increased action, apparently increased strength, supposed improved function, the result of the use of irritants, deceive both physician and patient, and cause them to become victims of a monstrous delusion. The delusion pervades all ranks of society, and is the chief explanation of the frequent diseases and sudden and untimely deaths that are everywhere chronicled. When we consider the immense quantities of irritants which are being introduced into the human organism in the guise of food, drink, medicine, etc.. The only wonder is that the human constitution endures as long as it does. But irritation produces a secondary effect, which is quite as important as the primary one, and this is increased flow of blood to the part irritated. Normal exercise does the same thing. Though induces increased flow of blood to the brain, and labour, to the feet and hands. If this flow were beyond the power of these vessels to send it forward, as in the case of irritation, the blood accumulates, the vessels relax, and we have congestion. This increase of blood at one point of course necessitates a decrease at another point, and hence unbalanced circulation is a concomitant of all diseases." In conclusion: Most addicting habits arise from the desire to suppress symptoms or to overcome the feeling of tiredness. These symptoms appear due to an unhealthful lifestyle but poisons are often resorted to instead of correcting the cause of the symptoms. All drugs and coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, tobacco, etc.. stimulate and give the false sense of well-being but this feeling lasts only a short time when depression occurs and the addict resorts to even higher doses of his poison. So the cycle goes on and on. The life science approach is a very rational one. To break this self-poisoning cycle, a fast is instituted followed by a normal and physiological pattern of eating. With this approach, the addict will find that it is much easier to discontinue his habit than with any other method. Furthermore, there will be no more desire for the former habit. All that is left for me to do now is to wish you all a wonderful, relaxed, well-deserved holyday. Enjoy the festive season and the time spent with your loved ones. And thank you for all your support and loyalty. I will resume the newsletters in February 2004, until then have fun. Elise

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