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Infinite Small II 29 - 10 - 2003

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Infinite Small II Warm Greetings, We are still on the subject of viruses, germs and disease, so, without further ado, let's carry on. "When the toxic level rises above a toleration point, the body takes remedial steps, defensive, and reparative action. Disease is body action, and is limited to the time and effort necessary to rid the organism of injurious substances. Every cell in the body acts in unison with all the other cells for the preservation of the organism. When the work is done, and order is restored, the disease symptoms dwindle and disappear, and the organism - although debilitated from the effort made necessary by its toxic condition - regains its powers. This almost consistent denouement is eloquent evidence that disease is body action and not an attack by proliferating bacteria and viruses. All cases recover without any treatment. If a healthy body is unable to resist an original attack by small numbers of microorganisms - if a healthy body can "catch" a cold, or influenza, due to exposure to cold germs or influenza germs - how then can subsequently debilitated body ever recover? How can the weakened organism subsequently repel the onslaught by proliferating trillions of microorganisms? If such reasoning were carried forward to its logical conclusion, the inevitable result would be the death of the organism. How can it be denied? - When the healing crisis is completed, recovery begins. Sometimes the injection of a poison into the bloodstream results in toleration of that poison, which is mistakenly labelled immunity. Toleration means the body hasn't sufficient vitality to resist. The dictionary definition of tolerance is "the power or ability to endure, withstand, or resist the effects of a drug or food or other physiologic insults without showing unfavourable effects" Actually, this is contradictory. If the body endures the insult, it is because of lack of strength to resist. When it resists, it has the energy to institute defensive actions: vomiting, sneezing, diarrhoea, fever, or any crisis of cleansing or healing. Toleration is submission; it is broken down resistance. The warning voice of self-protection has gradually been put to sleep, while the organism is undermined and premature death comes as a surprise to everyone... Toleration for poisoning is established by loss of the vitality necessary to resist it. The body pays for this toleration (miscalled immunity) by general enervation and lowered resistance to every other influence... It is a sad day for the body when it tolerates poisons... If tolerance for tobacco were never established, there would be no tobacco users. The same for alcohol, opium, arsenic, and other poisons... The repeated use of a poison gradually overcomes or decreases vital resistance. The body will not conduct defensive crises when there is no need for them. Healthy bodies do not require detoxification. The body cannot conduct defensive crisis if its vitality has been lowered to the point where it no longer has the energy and resources to initiate and conduct detoxification and healing processes. The suppression of the body's ability to heal itself (by drugging or vaccination) should not be mistaken for exemption from the consequences of wrong living. On the contrary, the drugs and vaccines constitute additional attacks on the integrity of the organism. They impair structure and function, and hasten degeneration and death." Personal note: People with allergies, especially children, please do not force your body to "tolerate or grow out of..." an allergy. You react because your body cannot tolerate, break down or digest the "offending" substance. Do not force your body to "learn to cope with it", eventually there will be a price to pay. Next week we will have a look at Mass Sickness and epidemics. As always, I wish you wellness. Elise

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