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Fluorine 26 - 06 - 2003

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Fluorine Warm Greetings to all our subscribers, Have you been exercising your teeth lately? Luckily we are right in the middle of apple season! But seriously, let's carry on with this highly informative article. "Studies have shown" writes Dr Arthur C. Guyton, " that teeth formed in children who drink water containing small amounts of fluorine develop enamel that is more resistant to caries than the enamel in children who drink water not containing fluorine" Can fluoridated water prevent decay? Actually, the real evidence proves otherwise. An engineer in Massachusetts has analysed the official government figures on tooth decay and municipalities that use fluoridated water. His figures have conclusively shown that artificial fluoridation does not prevent tooth decay, but only postpones it for a few years. Fluorine does not make the enamel of the tooth harder and more resistant to decay. Instead, the fluorine simply displaces certain chemical ions in the enamel, which make it less soluble. The fluorine, which is, now stored in the tooth's enamel is said to be toxic to some of the bacteria in the mouth, which is the original rationale behind putting fluorine in our water in the first place. Bacteria causes cavities, fluorine kills bacteria; therefore, fluorine prevents tooth decay. Such reasoning is both dangerous and faulty. Bacteria no more causes cavities than they cause any disease. It is true that fluorine will kill bacteria, and that in itself should make you wary and alert. Remember, any substance that is capable of killing bacteria is an ant-life agent. If fluorine is poisonous to bacteria, you may be sure that it is poisonous to you as well. In many locales all over the world, the people have excellent teeth and there is not a trace of fluorine in the water supply. Actually, fluorine in its organic and naturally occurring form as found in small amounts in some foods is a beneficial mineral for the teeth. The fluorine that is dumped into the water supply, however, is a harsh chemical by-product from industrial manufacturing and fertiliser production. No wonder some people would like us to believe that fluoridated water is beneficial. This simply gives chemical and metal industries a profitable outlet for a hazardous waste. Fluoride toxins are dumped into public water supplies in the name of dental hygiene. In reality, fluoridation is rank pollution of our water supply. You cannot drink a chemical and expect to have healthy teeth. Good teeth are only built through good nutrition, and this means avoiding the harmful foods as well as including the natural fruits, vegetables etc... Which foods are the tooth destroyers? Refined carbohydrates, in the form of sugars, sweets, breads, pastries, cakes and cooked foods, are the worst foods for the teeth. The white sugar and white flour in these products are nutrient-robbers, and they set the stage for cavity formation. Other poor foods are those high in phosphorus and acid forming elements such as soft drinks and meat. The most important person in tooth care today is not the dentist but the mother-to-be. A pregnant women's diet determines the quality of teeth that her child will have throughout the early years and the entire adult life. After birth, the child should be fed only the optimum foods. If this practice is continued through adulthood, perfect dental health will be a reality. There you have it. Next time you come across a petition against the fluoridation of water please add your name to it. We should be free to decide for ourselves if we want any additives, and if so, then we can add a fluoride tablet to a jug of water on the table. It is against our democratic right to impose it on us by adding it to the general water supply. That's all for today, next week...the eyes. Same time, same place next week, The Crazy Nut team

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