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Eyes & Teeth 12 - 06 - 2003

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Eyes & Teeth Hi, Today we will be turning our attention to eyes and teeth. The material, as you know, is compiled from the "Life Science" course and Mike Benton wrote this particular lesson. "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." This old Biblical statement simply reflects the value we place on our teeth and eyes. The eyes and teeth may be the two most vital body parts we have for sensual appreciation. Good teeth allow us to savour and enjoy eating. Good vision allows us to participate more fully in the world. Outside of gum disease, the 2 most common problems are caries (cavities) and malocclusion (the teeth do not fit together properly, such as in "buck teeth" or other deformities of the jaw and mouth). What is a cavity? A cavity is a hole, whether it is in your teeth or in the ground. Holes appear in your teeth when there is a mineral imbalance in the body. Chiefly, the calcium-phosphorus mineral relationship is the determining factor in cavity formation. When the diet is excessively high in phosphorus, or in foods commonly known as "acid-forming", A calcium deficiency may occur. This deficiency is usually not due to the inadequate calcium in the diet, but due to such foods as white sugar, refined flour and grains, and other processed carbohydrates that deplete the body of vitamin and mineral reserves (including calcium) Cavities are not created by the external action of bacteria on the surface of the teeth, as is commonly thought, but by the imbalances created in the body by improper foods. Consequently, throughout brushing and flossing of the teeth are ineffective in preventing cavities if a substandard diet is still followed. Healthy teeth can only be built by a healthy diet and lifestyle - not by fluoridated water or "whiter than white" toothpastes. For the truth about nutrition and tooth decay, read the book "Nutrition and Physical degeneration" by Weston Price, DDS. Dr Price travelled throughout the world to study the effect of various diets on dental health. He found, without exception, that the people who ate diets free of refined and processed foods were almost completely free of tooth decay. In addition, these people had excellent bone structure, jaw formation, and were well adapted for chewing, singing, and speaking. ( In other words, not only were cavities not a concern, but a natural diet does not cause malocclusion, or deformity of the dental bite. He also discovered that within so short a time as a single generation, eating refined foodstuffs resulted in narrow dental arches, malocclusion, and rampant tooth decay. His book has pictures of families that show the older generation who ate unrefined and natural foods with perfect teeth. The younger members of the family who ate the "civilised" foods, like sweets, soft drinks, canned foods, and refined grains, had teeth with holes, snags, and decay. His conclusion: rough, unrefined, whole, unprocessed, and unhampered foods promote the highest degree of dental health. Without exception, the eating of modern foods produced dental deterioration. We will have to end today's letter here, as I do not want to run the risk of boring you. We will explore more on the subject next week. Wishing you all a sunshine day. Until next week, The Crazy Nut team.

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