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Common Skin Conditions 29 - 05 - 2003

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Common Skin Conditions Wonderful day to you all, Hope you all had a swell week and that you are all an example of shining health. If not, then I hope that those newsletters will help you get back onto the path of radiating health and vitality. By this time we should be convinced that saturation of the fluids of the body, especially the blood, with toxic metabolites and/or other poisons is the underlying cause of all diseased conditions, exempting, of course, those directly attributable to some major trauma. This is true of skin disorders also. Certainly we can say without fear of contradiction that no person should be considered even reasonably healthy who has a sick skin, especially when the condition persists. The acne of the teenager is a forerunner of more involved diseases to come, while the more serious and vertical skin condition such as chronic eczema, psoriasis, itchiosis (fish skin disease) speak a language of their own and are the visible signs of cellular malfunctioning, organic degeneration and systemic pollution, all of which have been brought about by faulty eating and living habits. They are certainly not the product of sudden invasion by germs, viruses or other unknown "demons" Once the real cause of the disorder has been determined and then removed and a more physiologically sane method of eating and living has been established and then maintained for a sufficiently long period of time, the skin disorder, regardless of its nature or origin, usually disappears and thereafter can be kept under control. Frequent attempts have been made throughout modern times to classify the multitudinous numbers of skin disorders, but the task is well nigh impossible. There are numerous divisions and subdivisions in the nomenclature. When the extreme outer skin is affected, any of the following common skin conditions can develop: 1. Numbness, which often accompanies other common skin disorders. 2. Chronic or acute eczema characterised by papules, vesicles, crusts and scales. Generally accompanied by itching and/or burning 3. Itchyosis, a condition characterised by a lessening of flow from the sebaceous glands with scaling. Generally accompanied by severe itching. Can afflict any part of the outer skin. 4. Psoriasis, an eruption covered by silvery-like scales, which characteristically "flake off". Generally found most predominantly on the elbows, knee, scalp and trunk but can also be found around breasts and in the groin area. Rarely does it cover the entire body 5. Plus numerous other similar, but slightly differentiated conditions, some of light concern, others of major concern as the various forms of lupus (an inflammatory condition which may be localised, usually in the face, but also general as in systemic lupus, an idiopathic disease, meaning of unknown origin, according to medical thinking. The mucus membranes normally secrete a clear mucus, which serves to keep them moist. The outer layer of cells of this part of the skin is equipped with microscopic flagella, which are in a constant motion. These serve to propel any kind of irritant or foreign substance to some point in the body where they can be more readily eliminated. All of the activities of the skin are under the control of the thyroid gland located at the base of the neck. Sometimes this gland will direct the mucous membranes to assist in an eliminative effort if the body is under great stress. In such case, the toxins will be forced out through the mucous membrane cells. During such times polyps or other growths may form. Polyps can appear in the nasal cavities but also in any part of the alimentary canal where they can prove most troublesome. Generally polyps respond quite well to a cleansing alimentary program To be continued next week! Warm wishes, The Crazy Nut Team

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