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Cereals 15 - 08 - 2002

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Cereals Good day to you all, Today we take a closer look at the breakfast cereals and find how healthy they really are. Television commercials tell us that if we eat 1 cup of this or that specially fortified, cereal we will get almost 100% of all the vitamins and mineral requirement. They donít tell us that these vitamins and minerals are inorganic fillers and additives, which have been laced through a sugar-coated product that is destructive to our health and well being. Nor do they tell us the reason they add those vitamins, because all the original nutrients in the grain have been heated, rolled, puffed, squeezed, and sugared out of existence. The vitamins and minerals are added so the manufacturers can justify the prices they charge for a product that is only slightly more nutritious than the box it comes in. What is a corn flake? How is it made? First, the kernels of corn are soaked in lye. Lye is a caustic, corrosive substance that will burn the skin off your body. Itís used in making rayon, soaps and - breakfast cereals. After the soaking, the kernels are blasted by live steam. Then a flavouring syrup full of mostly white sugar is poured over the soaked and steamed corn. Next, the kernels are dried until they are hard. Then they are run through huge rollers that press down with 75 tons of pressure to flatten them out. Now they are ready to be toasted, heated and flaked one more time. Then they get their last dosing of preservatives, additives and chemicals and are packaged up in a brightly coloured box with pictures of an athlete, animal, or cartoon character on the front. Originally you had a grain of corn, fairly rich in protein, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and the 3 major B vitamins. Now you have a sugar-frosted flake that has no original vitamin, few minerals, and altered protein that is harmful to the body. Whatís more, you are probably paying 5 to 10 times as much for this processed, denatured food than you would if you had just bought the original whole grain. Not only is breakfast cereal an abysmal food by itself, itís usually eaten with such foods as milk and fresh fruits so that it becomes virtually indigestible. Besides being a totally unsuitable food, pasteurised milk that is poured over cereal combines very poorly with any other food.. Milk is a protein with a high fat content. Cereals are refined starches and sugars. Putting those types of foods together in the stomach is a sure invitation to acid indigestion. Fresh fruits are generally acidic or sub-acidic in nature. Mixing them with starchy cereals creates a fermenting environment that negates any health benefit of the fruit to begin with. Better to just eat the fruit and forget the cereal. If anything has to be eaten early in the morning, it should be easily digested, high fluid foods such as fresh fruits. Refined starches clog the body and their waste products create a feeling of heavy lassitude that last throughout the day. Food for thought? Until next week, The Crazy Nut Team

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